About the Author. Dr Tim Smith-Laing took his DPhil in English literature at Merton College, Oxford, and has held positions at Jesus College, Oxford, and.

The Cambridge Introduction to Michel Foucault. $76.00 (P). Part of Cambridge Introductions to Literature. Author: Lisa Downing, University of Exeter.

About the Author. Dr Tim Smith-Laing took his DPhil in English literature at Merton College, Oxford, and has held positions at Jesus College, Oxford, and.

attempting to stage a productive confrontation between Michel Foucault's. Foucault's discussion of the “author as a function of discourse” in the seminal essay.

11 May 2018. Michel Foucault's 1969 essay “What is an Author?. stormy arguments surrounding “intentional fallacy” and the “death of the author,” offering an.

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Looking for books by Michel Foucault? See all books authored by Michel Foucault, including Surveiller et punir: naissance de la prison, and Madness and.

11 Apr 2017. While it is somewhat outside the time period I am currently working on, Foucault's 'What is an Author?' lecture is interesting because it is one of.

Though the issue of translation occasionally surfaces in Foucault Studies, it remains an area that deserves more attention. To that effect, I briefly introduce some.

Exemplary critical focus on literary authority is located in Michel Foucault's “What Is an Author” and Roland Barthes' “The Death of the Author,” both of which are.

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What is the role assigned to the author in Foucault's theory of discourse? An analysis of that theory reveals that Foucault speaks in it of the author only as a.

28 Jan 2013. Lamarque is saying that Foucault's author-function can be described as having intensional but not extensional reference. Let me begin by.

3 Sep 2010. "What Is an Author?" When was this essay written? Why does Foucault believe that "the question of the author" needs to be discussed? (has not.

In this paper, we appraise the thoughts of Foucault on the relationship between the author, work, and text, and the future of that relationship. In Foucault's view.

That the figure noted for critiquing the "author function" and for writing "in order to have no face" (Foucault, Archeology 17), should be a star, should have.

29 May 2007. Previously only excerpts were available (at the Foucault.info site). The legal status of these texts is unclear. Additionally, since this is an image.

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From the 19th century onwards, Foucault notices that through social and political frameworks, the presence of an author vastly dominates the content and.

Michel Foucault Biography – Michel Foucault (October 15, 1926- June 25, 1984) was a French philosopher who held a chair at the College de France, which he.

Following the structuralists, Foucault too. Foucault's goal – analysis of the author's.