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Fun Book Club Ideas

Remember: it’s book club, not gourmet club. Serve the group a simple and delicious meal, let the wine flow—and they’ll want to have every meeting at your house. Party Tips and Ideas Keep things comfortable and relaxed. Allow some time for mingling, eating, and drinking before discussing the book. A […]

Online Malayalam Books Reading

Recent reader comments on books. 2016-08-17 19:02:13 Hiba, malappuram മായാമയൻ, എൻ. പ്രഭാകരൻ ആഢംബര ജീവിത ഭ്രമത്തിനും ഉപഭോക. Ulysses James Joyce Summary I heard the above passage from James Joyce’s Ulysses read in Chinese the other evening. the Irish winner of the 2001 Suspended Sentence literary award, gave a short summary of […]

Restaurant Le Music Hall

Welcome to the Restaurant "In Paris"! European cooking, romantic atmosphere, live music, banquet hall, weddings, lounge, dance, place for conferences. OUR HISTORY Restaurant le Museum Since 1948. where it also functioned as a bar/restaurant. Restaurant le Museum has a strong affiliation with the Montreux jazz scene. Originally both a nightclub […]